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Tonbridge Firestone EPDM Flat Roofing Kent

Do You Have A Leaking Flat Roof in need of repair ?

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)
EPDM Rubber roofing is a synthetic rubber membrane.
That is supplied in 1 piece.Cut specifically for your flat roof.
When we say 1 piece, we mean 1 piece.Not heat welded together or glued.
We can supply the membrane in 1 piece up to 15 mts wide by 61 mts long.
Our Installers ONLY use the top quality Firestone epdm rubber membrane.
And ONLY Firestone adhesives and trimmings.

Suppliers and Installers of Firestone Rubber Roofing Membrane
Covering Kent and Sussex Areas
Based In Tonbridge, KENT

Roofing Repairs and Roofing in Tonbridge, KENT

Leaking Rubber Membrane Extensions Kent     EPDM Rubber Garage Flat Roofers Kent
Tonbridge Firestone EPDM rubber membrane has a multitude of uses.
From sheds and dormers to garages, new builds and extensions.
Great for all roofing repairs and fixing leaking roofs
The installed price of your Firestone EPDM rubber membrane will be similar to that of a quality felt roof.
And significantly lower than other " newer " systems.
So you can have a Firestone membrane flat roof to rely on at a fair price.
And also be very " green ".
Our Fully Qualified Roofers are also repair specialists and can solve any leaking problems

Tonbridge Roofers Kent.

Commercial Buildings Flat Roofs KENT

There should be no reason to maintain your EPDM Rubber membrane roof.
So long as the deck can withstand more weight.
You can even use your EPDM Rubber roof as a garden.
Or you can install paving or decking over it.
All you will have to do is wipe clean the edge trims now and again.

Rubber Flat Roof Sheds Kent     TN 9 Rubber Roofing Repairs for Dormers Kent

Tonbridge EPDM Membrane Roofer KENT

Tonbridge Firestone EPDM Rubber is UV and ozone stable so it never perishes.
Great for leaking flat roof repairs.
Why waste money on felting repairs.
The Rubber Membrane stays flexible and so can move with the building unlike static installation systems.
Tonbridge Firestone EPDM rubber membrane has been installed successfully in Alaska and in the Middle East. So UK weather is never a problem!

Because the rubber membrane installation is a cold lay technique there is no requirement for any heat. You don't even have to remove your old roof.

Leaking roof repairs in Tonbridge Kent.

Firestone EPDM Rubber roofing can overlay virtually any old roof.
As long as your decking and joists are sound.
This saves you money and saves the environment by reducing debris from the work.

Solve your leaking roof problems.
Because only Firestone trained contractors can install Firestone EPDM membrane.
You are assured of a reliable installation from both the materials and contracting point of view.
So let our fully trained and licensed membrane roofers solve your leaking felt roof problems.

For All Your Flat Roof And Roofing Repairs.
Based In Tonbridge, KENT.

Proud Winners of Tonbridge and Malling / LABC Building in Excellence Award 2009. Kent
Tonbridge Roofers Covering TN, TN9, TN10, TN11, TN12, KENT  Kent Tonbridge Roofing Repairs for Leaking Roofs
Finalist LABC South East Building in Excellence Award 2009. Kent and Sussex

Your Local Tonbridge Flat Roofing Repair Specialist in Kent.
No More Leaking Felt Roofs in Kent
No More Roofing Repairs in Kent

If you need Flatroofing in Tonbridge or surrounding area.
Contact your local Flatroofer for your roofing needs.
Tonbuild ... Firestone Approved Flat Roofers.

Fully Qualified and Firestone EPDM Approved
Tonbridge Flat Roofers KENT.
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Repair your leaking flat roof with epdm membrane
Tonbuild .. Your epdm membrane roofer

Flat and shallow pitched roofs are renowned for the troubles they can cause.
No two problems are identical but our fully qualified epdm roofers can solve all of your leaking roof problems once and for all.
Traditionally, flat and shallow pitched roofing materials are surfaced layers of felt or bituminous products which simply do not age well.
Being highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations.
In a very short time the roof surface will deteriorate and the entire covering will begin to blister, crack, disintegrate and ultimately begin to leak.
Traditional resurfacing materials can also present problems during installation, especially in areas where detailing is difficult.
Roof protrusions such as surface-mounted fixtures and piping etc. cannot be easily detailed and therefore make it virtually impossible to achieve a 100 % watertight seal without the added use of additional sealing products.
But with Firestone Rubber Membrane.
Leaking roof repairs are a thing of the past.
Our Fully Qualified Roofers are also repair specialists and can solve any leaking problems

Tonbridge Roofers Kent.

Your leaking roof repair specialists.

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