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Commercial flat roofs are often on large, tall buildings like warehouses and office blocks.
All modern commercial buildings will use a Single Ply membrane system to waterproof the building.
These buildings need maintenance free roofing systems which have been assessed by the British Board of Agrement to last in excess of 30 years.
Thatís why Firestone EPDM rubber membrane is the number one choice.
Firestone EPDM single ply roofing membrane systems have been used for many large commercial projects.
Including Football Stadiums, Shopping Centres, Airport Passenger Terminals, School Buildings, Office Blocks and Warehouses.

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Traditional types or of roofing such as felt need maintenance because they melt in summer heat, become brittle in lower winter temperatures and are affected affected by UV rays.
They therefore tend to develop leaks and need replacing every 10 years or so.
For commercial organisations, perhaps with large roof areas, this could represent unacceptably high costs not to mention the disruption and the constant risks of potentially costly and dangerous leaks.
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On very large commercial flat roofs, fibreglass is not commonly used, because its very labour intensive to install compared to other systems.
The most common system installed is single ply flat roof, or a liquid system, these both remain flexible and hence can cope with the large amount of expansion and contraction that takes place over the big areas.
These systems are often used over super markets, shopping centres, schools etc.

Refurbishing a commercial roof often comes under building control regulations, as regards to the amount of insulation and bringing it up to currant legal requirements.
This often has a positive effect on reducing the carbon foot print of the business and energy bills.

If a roof has a large amount of awkward obstructions like ventilation stacks or sky lights on it, our Kemper reinforced liquid system may well be the best solution.
Because only EPDM Firestone trained contractors can install Firestone systems.
You are assured of a reliable installation from both the materials and contracting point of view.

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Offering energy efficiency, leakage control and incredible thermal performance, our single ply membranes are ideal for domestic and commercial Kent Firestone flat roofing.
The cost effective and more modern alternative to traditional felt roofing, our single ply membranes are a very attractive and efficient way of protecting your property from the elements.
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